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Firearm Sales and Services
NFA Class III Dealer

Southern Nevada's Firearm Broker

At Nevada Estate Firearms we want to make your gun buying and selling experience easy and enjoyable by offering a consignment service, estate appraisals and liquidations, FFL transfers, gun cleaning and gunsmith services.

We offer competitive pricing on firearms and accessories. Our inventory includes new firearms and an always changing selection of used firearms. If we don't have something in stock, we are happy to find it for you.

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FFL Transfers

Transfer services for purchased firearms and outbound deliveries.

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Firearm Cleaning

A firearm clean & oil or ultrasonic deep cleaning and lubrication services.

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New and Pre-owned Inventory

Whether you are looking to buy a new or pre-owned firearm we may have the product for you. Each gun is properly stored and hand cleaned with professional care.

Looking for Something Specific?

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We have relationships with multiple firearm distributors and vendors. We are more than happy to help you find a specific order and we will handle the sale and the shipment of the product.

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Estate Liquidations

We can assist in any size estate or firearm collection liquidation by  purchasing the firearms or selling your collection through our various sales channels. For collections of 5 or more firearms we offer an on site service (within a reasonable distance) to document the firearms and get the process started. Firearms must be brought to our shop for transfer.


Whether you want to sell one firearm or an entire collection we can help. NVEF is happy to provide consignment services to our customers for non-NFA firearms.

We Buy Guns

We can purchase your used firearms and give you your funds same day.  We also purchase reloading equipment such as presses and dies as well as primers and gunpowder. Give us a call to discuss.

Services List

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Pistol and rifle cleaning - Removing carbon and copper fouling

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Ultrasonic Cleaning

High temperature ultrasonic cleaning and lubrication

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FFL Transfers - Person to person local transfers, receiving  firearms and delivery to FFLs

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