Bersa Thunder 380 DLX .380 ACP


This is a consignment item.


This is a pre-owned Bersa Thunder 380 DLX chambered in .380ACP with a 3.5" barrel. This pistol is in very good condition with some minor signs of use. The slide/frame show some minor scratches but nothing major. The chamber hood and barrel exhibit some minor wear from normal cycling. The bore is bright and the rifling sharp. Features include fixed sights, SA/DA trigger, manual safety/de-cocker, front grip serrations, internal lock, and synthetic grips. This also comes with one 9rd extended magazine. 


Bersa Thunder 380 pistols are manufactured in Argentina by Bersa S.A. company as a compact self-defense side arm for civilians or police. Being inexpensive and of good quality, these pistols offer a good level of protection with decent ergonomics. The Bersa Thunder 380s are simple blowback operated, with the return spring located around the barrel. It is double and single action with an exposed hammer. The safety is located on the left side of the frame and when engaged, automatically decocks the hammer. There is also an internal firing pin safety, which blocks the firing pin unless the trigger is pressed. This Bersa Thunder 380 Deluxe comes with one extended round magazine which will hold 9 rounds. It shows minor signs of wear, and very minimal rust behind the hammer. It features white 3-dot sights.

Bersa Thunder 380 DLX